New Machinima Idea

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As you may have heard from my latest video I mentioned a Minecraft mormon video, now thinking more about it I think the idea may offend people and I don’t want to risk it. So my new idea is to make a Minecraft version of Hunger Games, my idea is very early on in the stage of creation but I think the idea may be a hit. I am planing on making a new story surrounding the Hunger Game and not following the main story, I think it will just be a survival story within the arena. So I watch my youtube channel for a trailer!


Infomation Video

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Just uploaded a video which explains a bunch of stuff, WATCH IT!


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I have just recently been uncapped and will try and upload a video later on with some info on upcoming events, also I am going to wait a few months to make a better site and continue using this blog and the other forum. But the forum is out of date but I will be working on making it up to date.

More info in video!

I’m Capped :(

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I have just become capped so I won’t be running the server from my own PC for a while because I only get uncapped in 22 Days I am pretty sure. BUT, I have enough money for a Dedicated server but only for 2 months which mean that if I do buy the server and run out of money the server will go down again which won’t be good. So I am going to get some more money but I also have to wait for AdmixHosting to get more servers.


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Hector514 is heading over today to work on machinima, if possible we will try and get it done and uploaded today. I will also do an update today because  I havn’t done a video for a while. Also going to work on the second part on how to make a server, sorry its been so long

New Map! Well Sorta…

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Big new guys I am currentl in the process of making a new map. But don’t worry I will be using MCEdit to get schematics of the stuff I built and copying to the new map. The reason for this is that while creating my map in the early days I but stupid stuff places when I was bored then deleted them and so that ruined parts of the map, also I had no real plan for the map I just sort of put stuff where-ever, which was stupid. So don’t worry guys it will be the same stuff just in different places, and it will look much, much better!

Opps :|

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I just realised that I said my ip was which it is not it is actually Someone I know bought to annoy me, so if you ever put in in your web browser you will be linked to their site.